@Banknote Finishing system [ UNOCS-4F/N , UNOCS-8F/N , UNOCS-8F/H ]
@Security number printing system [ UNP-1 ]
@E-Passport(MRB) Production system [ UBIO-e50 , UBIO-e80 ]
@Issuing System [ UBIO-eULP-5 , UBIO-eAT-2 , UBIO-eETM ]

Letfs free from heavy duty tasks!

100 sheets block (pre-printed) is  automatically trimmed by pre-programmed currency notes size. Finished 100 notes is banded, collected in sequential.
Collected 1,000 notes is counted, banded again, wrapped, and then delivered.
We can offer variety of throughput type for your inquiry as follows.

It can minimize salvaging

Un-numbered note is fed and number printed in Sequentially and/or Randomly. It can print vertically or horizontally.
Also, every single note is verified and flawed note is rejected automatically. Good notes are collected in 100 notes collector, banded and delivered. It minimize the salvaging work extremely.

It performs Highest throughput and Field proven technology!

Lead machine does gather data page, text and other materials, trim, sew, attach cover and fold precisely. It realizes both gDouble loop sewing & Interlock sewingh and ge-Card & e-Coverh.
Follow machine does finish it to e-MRP size. Nobody but UNO can perform highest productivity for longest period.

UNO can provide stress-free Issuing!

Laser perforator can print passport number and perforate numbering holes under highest  production speed. Also, it can realize the issuing according to customer requirement, which includes
gChip encodingh and gData page printing or Polyca-page laser engraving as Full personalizationh.

Preliminary production system is also available.

Banknote finishing system

Throughput:180,000 notes/hour

Security number printing system

Throughput:30,000 notes/hour

e-Passport (MRP) production system

Throughput:3,000 books/hour

Laser perforation system

Throughput:3,120 books/hour

Banknote finishing system

Throughput:480,000 notes/hour

e-Passport (MRP) production system

Throughput:4,800 books/hour

Cover attaching system

Throughput:4,800 books/hour

Banknote finishing system

Throughput:510,000 notes/hour

Data encoding system

Throughput:5,400 books/hour

The inquiry about the production supports by an e-mailicompany@unomatic.com)